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I’ve Moved!

I’ve moved all the AFFFG content over to http://afoodiesfallfromgrace.wordpress.com. Please point your browsers over there from now on because I won’t be updating this site anymore. If you are a subscriber, my apologies, but you’ll need to resubscribe from the new address. Thanks, y’all!


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Holy Hotness, Batman!

It is so bloody hot here my eyes feel hot when I blink. Last I checked it was 104F at 7:30 p.m. That’s evening time, folks. 104F. 7:30 pee emm.

My apologies for not posting in so long again. Alas, I have been galavanting all over the state of Oregon enjoying the fine (hot) weather while doing the following:

  • swimming in swimming holes along Fall Creek
  • camping at Eight Mile Creek on the backside of Mt. Hood
  • bringing the temp of our hot tub down to a cool 90F for refreshing soaks
  • not using the stove or oven at all
  • enjoying sips of a pinot gris from my visit to Montinore
  • helping The Man with his amazing chili for DCh’s chili cookoff
  • ordering a meal in Spanish at Cinco de Mayo (get your Oaxacan on!) in Woodburn
  • and all manner of other summertime activities.

Oh yeah, and somewhere in there The Man and I got gnarly cases of food poisoning and spent a day in bed with fevers…did I mention it’s July?! And really super hot?! Fevers!!! Sweaty, hallucinatory fevers!

The good news is that I’ve been rather pleased with my garden this year, if I do say so myself. Lettuce, peas, herbs, lemon cukes, and cherries, oh my! I had a good laugh when our new roomie, NS, pulled “weeds” for me one day while I was at work. She was so proud until I told her that she’d pulled up all my arugula.

My goal is to post the recipes from El Puerco before the end of summer. I’m going to have to blame that on The Man. He’s been too busy (I’m grateful — he’s a contractor) to sit down and tell me his GF mac-n-cheese and pulled pork secret recipes. But that will give you readers something to look forward to.

Until then, here is a lovely photo of this year’s montorency cherry crop. My, but they’re beauties!

Cherries from our montmorency tree

Cherries from our montmorency tree

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For those of you not reading this with your new old-folks reading glasses (ahem), you’ll notice that I’ve added some techno-forward socially-webby stuff to my sidebar. I have wanted to do this for a while, but had not yet gotten to it. Alas, there’s no time like the present lunch hour at work!

I’ll do my best updating the old Titter, Delicious, and Flickr stuff. I have to say Flickr could go a LONG way towards improving the usability of its interface. If WordPress offered a Picasa widget, I’d have been on that like white on rice, for sure. Anyhoozles, those photos are certainly stale as bread, from the December snow storm.

Lunch is over now, so I gotta make like jelly and jam.

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Pearls Redux

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that my essay, “Pearls,” was going to be reprinted by the amazing folks at Menda City Review. Well, their newest issue is now posted and “Pearls” appears in the Commentaries section. Yea! I’m so grateful “Pearls” is enjoying a second life.

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Really happy to see this piece in the Times today about economical cuts of meat, along with recipes. Shame they don’t mention tongue or pigs’ feet, but I’m not complaining…I don’t want the prices of those driven up from new popularity!

I’ve ordered my oxtails for this weekend and am looking forward to my first oxtail pate. Yummy!

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Really Good News

Some days, life is really amazing.

Several weeks ago, totally out of the blue, I got the most incredible letter (e-mail) from the editor of Menda City Review about my essay “Pearls” that appeared in the Winter issue of Redwood Coast Review. He wrote to tell me how much he liked the essay. His note was so flattering, I almost felt embarrassed, like I wanted to hide in the dark of my basement for a year because someone had actually read the work I sent out into the world. Yes, I realize that I write a blog and anyone can read whatever I say here, but somehow knowing that a stranger had read and really connected with “Pearls,” a deeply personal piece, was a total mind-trip. The whole experience almost made the last fifteen years of my toiling in writerly obscurity worth it all.

So today I got a letter from the same editor asking if he could reprint “Pearls” in MCR. Seriously. Pinch me. Because life just can’t get any better. If I die in my sleep tonight, know that I died happy.

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Very moving piece in the Times this morning about Anne Frank’s chestnut tree.

I re-read Anne Frank’s diary a couple of years ago. It was such a different experience to read it from the perspective of a near-forty-year-old versus reading it as a teenager in school. Mostly I was shocked that they let young people read Anne Frank’s diary because it is so deeply disturbing. But perhaps one comes to that realization with age and more knowledge about the Holocaust. When I look at that haunting picture of Anne with her pen poised above a journal, ah, well… it’s just so tragic.

Every fall in Portland the chestnuts litter our neighborhood streets and old Asian women roam the nearby park gathering chestnuts in plastic grocery bags. We toyed with the idea of planting a couple in our sidewalk strip, but decided they are too big and messy for that (not very neighborly). Next fall I’m sure to remember Anne Frank after reading this piece.

If we had an Anne Frank center nearby, as this article suggests may be in the works, I would definitely make a pilgrimage.


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